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Blurred Lines 1: Blurred Lines, Distorted Lines, Crossed Lines, Dirty Lines (2014)

by Breena Wilde(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 4
Smashwords Edition
review 1: WOW I Just Finish reading this series, and I have to say that I love it, I he to be honest I pick this series by mistake, I did not know what it was about it, and after reading what the series was about, I ask my self why would I want to read bout a hooker, but oh I am so glad that I gave it a chance, cause I started reading the book and I couldn't put it down.I felt in love with the series, love the characters, and how the books turn out to be, I love the chemistry that Cadence have with both Johns, and love how Hot the Sex Scene are, now I cant wait into I could afford to get the rest of the series, just to see what's gone happened next.I usually write the review for each books that I read, but since I red the series the box set of volume 1-4 their is just so much, and ... moredon't want to give anything away, but I could say that I love the first four books, and cant wait to read the next.Author Breena Wilde THANK YOU for introducing me to this awesome characters and this amazing books, you could go ahead and add me as one more of your fan. :)
review 2: I read all eight books one straight after the other. This is a joint review on all of them.This series is all over the place.I kept reading thinking it would get better but it didn't. It's a train wreck. At first I thought I'd stumbled into a very bad remake of Pretty Woman...then I was in some sort of kidnap/hostage situation.The rest of the books were just a badly made porn film. Bordering on the ridiculous. And throughout we're expected to believe a prostitute who not only looks amazing ALL the time but also comes at a flick of her lady bits, regardless of who is doing the flicking...and believe me, fussy she is not. Cadence is a nightmare. Over the top, immature and just plain stupid. She clearly enjoys her 'job' but gets upset everything someone treats her like a prostitute. Erm.....She's a fucked up mess, going from man to man with no connection to either of them. She is only concerned with getting off. She doesn't care how or with who. There's absolutely no chemistry between any of the characters. The sex scenes are often confusing unrealistic and unnecessary. There is absolutely no point to a lot of them other than just that. Sex.There's hints of pleasure/pain but it's very badly written and completely unrealistic. You need more than badly written sex to make a successful book, and the dirty talk is so bad it's often cringeworthy. Travis. WTF was that all about?At the end of book 7 and book 8 it just got ridiculous. The characters totally changed their personalities. Completely inconsistent and totally unbelievable. The author lost the plot. It's absolutely ridiculous and laughable. There IS potential here, but it's so incredibly hidden and the story is a a very long way from being good enough to expect people to actually PAY to read it...The worst thing is that I just didn't care. I didn't care who she screwed, who hurt her, who she hurt, who she ended up with...I just didn't care about any of it. For me, that's the single worst thing I can ever say about a book. less
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i really enjoy this series.. the characters and plot are fun, interesting and sexy.
a lot of sex however the story and charaters are very well developed as well.
Holy shit! Not what I was expecting but way better!
Review soon!
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