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Dirty Lines (2013)

by Breena Wilde(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 3
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Blurred Lines
review 1: Ok I have just finished reading the first 4 books of this series and WOW!!!I have been totally surprised by this series and this instalment I think was the best so far.I do have one question Zane at the end tells Cadence that they are home.....where is home?Is it where he goes and sleeps/change/showers when he's not at the hotel and if so is the two kids from the picture living there.Plus Mr John Zane totally L.O.V.E.S Cadence
review 2: The twists and turns in this series are crazy. One minute Cadence is having incredible sex with Cruze and in the next breath saying Zane is hot and great in bed making you wonder who she really wants. As a reader we want Cruze but sometimes I question if that's who Cadence wants in the end. The sex scene in this one is crazy and
... more you are left with a cliff-hanger wondering which director the author is going to take the storyline. Love the series and looking forward to what is nect. less
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I like the story line. been enjoyijg this series. one of the scenes. OMW not what I expected.
Loved it! That damn movie scene... HOT! And I love Lincoln a little more every book.
Fantastic series, makes fifty shades look like child's play.
Damn this just keeps getting better and better
3 more books to go.
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