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Rogue's Honor (2011)

by Brenda Hiatt(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
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The Saint Of Seven Dials
review 1: A lovable, romantic and funny Regency-historical romance. And definitely not the typical conventional Hero of commoner people, and that of our female protagonist! "Saint of the Seven Dials" rogue will win you heart with his dashing charm, soft-heart and honoring plans for the well being of the poor and less fortunate. The story of Luke and Pearl will make you turn the pages fast and will set your heart beats pump fast as you try to guess what will happen next and what will Luke or Pearl do to keep their hearts entwined forever.
review 2: All I can say about this book is if you have never read a Regency novel, this book would show you what they are all about. Moralizing about the difference between the aristocracy and the poor. Yet, no true exploration of the "p
... morelight of the poor" in Regency England. A lady that is "uncommonly educated," but no more informed or intelligent than most modern women. She isn't spouting Socrates or talking about the scholars at the time. Other cliches a rogue with a good heat, a dastardly villian, and a "found" heir. I've read a lot of Regency and I'm always looking for a riff on the formula, something unusual that sets the novel apart just didn't find it here. less
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Starts good ends to fast. Meh.
Is a great book to read
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