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Opgegeven (2012)

by Brenda Novak(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 4
Harlequin IBS Thriller
review 1: Fuck this book.The characters were horribleThe romance was horrible and don't even get my started on the mystery.The real murderer was so random that it pissed me off. I like it when mysteries are unpredictable but this was just pathetic. Ugh.Not to mention all the inconsistencies that were overlooked. BahHumbug.I don't think I can pick Brenda again for a while.(my updates are more informative :P)
review 2: This was my first encounter with Ms. Novak, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. My Mom bought this for me at a used book store and I was not aware that it was the 3rd in a series. Thankfully, from what I've read of various reviews here, it doesn't look like I missed much as this one is only loosely tied to the other 2, which I just picked up today to do some
... moreback-tracking. For a book of this genre, Novak did a more than respectable job with character development, without boring us to death. She does a great job of threading narrative into the dialogue and pulls it off very smoothly. Both Claire and Isaac were very well written characters and I liked the chemistry between them. The entire book had a very good flow to it that made it easy to read and made you want to find out the answers by keeping you reading. Unlike a lot of the murder/mystery type books out there, this one had a "real" quality to it. The plot wasn't outrageous and I kept thinking that something like this could really take place. The only thing that kept it out of the 5-star range for me was the quick ending. The turn to that ending was well done, but then it just kind of wrapped up in about 20 pages. It felt a little rushed, kind of like "OK, let's wrap this up". You've already held my attention for 400+ pages, don't short change me now. Good stuff though. Now I'm diving into "Inside", and am excited about it. less
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Another winner from the queen of suspence, I never guessed until the end who did it! Great read
Good book kept my interest.
Very good one.
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