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Opgejaagd (2012)

by Brenda Novak(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 4
Harlequin IBS Thriller
review 1: I loved this one too! It is the second in the series so there are characters I already know well and I care about them. There's been a time jump from the first book so we get to learn more about their lives and what's happened. In this case, Laurel has been in a small town for 2 years and has been developing a relationship with her next door neighbor, sort of. She's been trying not to have a relationship with him. He is the sheriff with a teen daughter and a widower of 3 years. Myles is wanted by every woman in town, even some married ones. Laurel has her 2 kids and an mostly online business which is all thriving.Of course, trouble comes to town. This is well-written romantic suspense so the feelings and characters all grab me. There are still some things left ope... moren and if the third book doesn't cover them, I'll ask my questions in that review. For now, Laurel just ran when she left her husband so she isn't even divorced. Will he turn up again?I know the third book won't be Rex since he turns up in the Whisky Creek series. So I'm not sure who it will be. I'm going to go check. I put it on reserve yesterday when I got this book.
review 2: This is one of two books by this auhtor I read set in same town in Montana so there are overlap of characters. This one ifa woman fleeing from her past and its racy and well written with a romance but the characters (the baddies) are somewhat stereotypical and not as rich and believable as her 'good' characters. Less spark in the romance here with the next door neighbour sheriff but its still a cmfortable read. less
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Laurel and MylesEh. Not amazing. Not my favorite series. Just...eh.
I enjoyed this.
Good story.
3.5 stars
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