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The Ninth Circle (2014)

by Brendan Deneen(Favorite Author)
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Permuted Press
review 1: I chose to read this particular book based on the fact that it was a retelling of Dante's Inferno and from what I remember of reading it back in high school, I thought it would be a rather interesting read. Maybe if I had just read Inferno, I might have been able to put more of the story together and been more pleased or even interested in the story. I caught the references to many of the sub characters back stories and felt pleased when I remembered a certain portion of the original, but that was part of the problem. This story didn't stand truly on it's own and it was weighed down by its inspiration in such a way that kept the book from ever really taking off on its own merit.I enjoy a challenging read and I revel in a story that can keep me guessing, but that's all t... morehis was; A coming of age story set in Purgatory where every person is a new retelling of Dante in modern English. There were portions that I thought were inspired, but really, only the first chapter, or Cantos if you will, really caught my attention.If you know Dante's work well or have read it recently, this book may have much more to offer you than a casual reader will find, but lets be honest, if you are taking the time to read Dante, then you probably aren't in the same literary group of people who are going to be looking for the fat or bearded lady or the tattooed man's version.
review 2: Good debut novel by an author who has done mostly comic book and graphic novel stuff up to this point (all of which are very good).I didn't love this novel, but I enjoyed it. There were definitely some times where I was really into it and others not as much, but that's most books really.Hoping this author keeps up the good work. I'd be interested in seeing what he puts out there next less
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A bit dull for my liking sadly. Would not recommend
Review coming soon...
Good easy, fast read!
not worth it
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