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Shoveling Snow (2000)

by Brett Sills(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: This is a story about four dysfunctional people whose lives collide for a short time in a small town in Maine. Smoof is a 10-year-old precocious (often inappropriate) girl, Maggie is her mentally ill mother; Ben is a heart-broken artist and Rose is Smoof's teacher with her own difficult past. The book moves somewhat slowly in the beginning; however, by the end, the reader learns why everyone behaves the way they do.
review 2: I could actually picture this book as a TV movie. I liked the characters a lot. However, I thought it needed one more rewrite to take it from better-than-mediocre book to really memorable one. There were some editing problems that made me cringe, ie. using the word "passed" instead of "past." So for me it was Close But No Cigar. I'm gettin
... moreg jaded reading Goodreads Authors, I think. Many just aren't up to the standards of published authors in the old-fashioned world of printed books. less
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I had trouble getting into this book at first, but soon found myself flying through it
Loved this book, the characters each unique very well written .
Kind of weird, but interesting.
My self-esteem isn't that bad!
Couldn't finish it.
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