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Domestic Affairs (2012)

by Bridget Siegel(Favorite Author)
3.07 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: FINALLY a book with an ending that didn't leave me extremely pissed off, upset, or disappointed in the world. I was actually quite satisfied. I found this book to be fairly good. The inside scoop to political campaigning was really interesting to me. One thing that distracted from the content was the constant changing of tense and voice. There would be times where in one sentence, Olivia was talking about the past and in the next sentence, the narrator was describing Olivia in the present. Kind of confusing but I was able to look over it for the most part. I thought this book was really well paced, except for the last couple chapters. There was the random suicide note, then Olivia deciding she hated her life, then the end. That could've been written a lot more smoothly. I ... morewas satisfied simply because there was a conclusive ending and no setup for a sequel. Regardless, I was thoroughly entertained. I would recommend this book, but it isn't something I'll read several times over.
review 2: Let me start by saying I joined a Book Club. Yes, I found out about a club and I invited myself. The invite was graciously accepted, so I graciously accepted the book everyone had decided to read, Domestic Affairs, by Bridget Siegel – a political romance/drama based in the present time. Would I have picked this book, no, but I’m hoping to introduce my book, Flashback To The Dragon, to them at some time in the future.This is my first book club; I’m usually an independent reader and have never thought of myself as a join-y person. I’m not even sure what you are supposed to do at a meeting, but I’m a quick learner and have I told you I have high hopes that I can suggest my book at some point during my tenure with them?Anyway, the story revolves around three people: Governor Landon Taylor, a presidential hopeful, Jacob Harriston, his campaign manager, and Olivia Greenley, a political fundraiser. While I didn’t particularly like any of the characters, it is not because of Ms. Siegel’s writing style, which I really liked, or because the characters were not described in detail, they were, it was because I’m not fond of the political arena.Governor Taylor seemed like a likeable kind of guy, good-looking, friendly, explosive personality, passionate about the issues, driven to be a part of a run for the white house, etc., etc. The key to changing his mood to a more positive one was having pretty girls around.Harriston was politically minded, organized, and driven to follow a true leader, one that shared the same political and moral views, but Jacob was shallow and a failure with relationships or activities outside of campaigning. Although he was interested in Sophie, a non-political groupie whom he termed “normal” and whom he squeezed dates with her in between political fundraisers, dinners, campaign trips, and press calls, he really didn’t have much of a life outside of politics.Greenley lost my respect in the prologue when she was in bed with the Governor, sneaking out of the room back to her own room. Everything she stood for prior to that is lost. She was an idealistic young lady who found that talking about anything other than elections or campaigning was boring, but she just couldn’t understand why her friends were so bored with her stories *yawn*. Her life had gone pretty much like Jacob’s where she lived in a messy house, subsisted off Doritos out of a bag, and hadn’t had a date in a while.I forged ahead, however, and actually enjoyed the story in its entirety (not the individuals, but the story) as it followed the three lead characters through the intricacies of fundraising, filing, and staffing. It was well-written and I would give Bridget Siegel another chance at another type of story because she kept me involved even though I wasn’t vested with any of the characters.The final chapters move along at a high-speed as Olivia and Landon’s relationship comes into focus, a friend of Landon’s gets into trouble, and both Olivia and Jacob try to come to terms with what they do for a living and why they do it. I liked the inner conflicts within the story that added another layer to the whirlwind of political fundraisers. And the ending is satisfying.Did it change my mind about politics or politicians, no, but I’d vote for this book and Ms. Siegel. less
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Super entertaining!! I love the fast paced world of politics, it was an interesting inside look!
It could not hold my interest. I have decided to "shelf" it and move on to something else.
Didn't hold my interest and didn't finish reading the book.
Well, that was awaste of my time.
Trashy trashy fun fun.
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