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We Are Not Eaten By Yaks (2013)

by C. Alexander London(Favorite Author)
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0142420565 (ISBN13: 9780142420560)
An Accidental Adventure
review 1: Oliver and Celia Navel have done almost nothing in their life but watch TV. But they live on the 4 1/2th floor of the Explorers Club; one of the most important communities of explorers, daredevils, and globe trekkers. Soon their mother goes missing when looking for The Lost Library of Alexandria. All they have now is their father who is still part of the Explorers Club. Even worse for the twins, he made a bet with Sir Edmund (another Explorers Club member) that he could find the scrolls left from the lost Library of Alexandria first.If not, his kids would spend the rest of the summer as Sir Edmund's slaves.I love the book because it was not afraid to turn into a fantasy but still had a realistic adventure feel to it. And I find it fascinating that no matter how they tried ... moreto get away from adventure by watching TV, it was the only thing that saved them. For example, the poison witches made a fake re-run to distract the twins. But, they were so well versed in TV shows that they could tell it was fake. Because Celia loved survival shows, she also stopped Oliver from eating poisoned food. This book is a great read for adventurers at heart and couch potatoes alike.
review 2: ***SPOILER ALERT*** This book is awesome I loved it. The twins mom gets lost on a adventure to find a lost library of Alexandra. The mom get found at the end of the book.This book is realistic fiction. This book takes place in the jungle in present time. The conflict is person vs person because, the twins fight and they fight with there father. This book is about these two twins who spend there day watching TV. They never miss a show or any thing. They now all the channels. There mom and dad are adventurers also, they go to find there mom and meet up with wild animals like ( yetis, tigers). Then they go on a wild adventure to find there mom. Then there dad gets poison by evil witchs. Finally they have five days to find the lost tablets of Alexandra to save him. On the way they find there mom and save there dad.This story is set in the twins house but mostly in the jungle. The conflict is person vs person because sir Edmund the bad guy is trying to stop them from finding there mom and the lost tablets. I liked how the the author put the story line. Also how he did the characters. This reminds me my family because we watch lots of movies and TV but my dad is gone all day except Sundays. Also of me and my brother. I liked how the story is built the story line and characters. I was surprised when the tiger was on the cliff and the twins were hanging onto the cliff. My favorite part was when the twins were getting kicked out of the plane and they jumped off and there dads head kept hitting the trees and rocks. I was angry when the twin were fighting the yeti and they grabbed the gun but the guns bullets were fake and the gun just made noise. The authors purpose of this book is to tell kid not to be on the Tv all day that they should go outside and go on a adventure. I was moved when the twins found there mom and they were so excited to see her. My thought on this book were that it is my favorite one so far.My thoughts is that this is a awesome book for people who like mystery's and clues. This book is my favorite out of all of them. This book for me I would rate it 10 because I love the story. I would recommend this book for kids who like mystery \ action books. That's why this book the is so awesome for students. less
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Such a fun read! Prefer audio book.....narrator is fabulous!
Boys LOVED it!! We will definitely read book 2 soon!
This is an excellent book for kids my age
4K heard this book talk first.
Okay as a crossover.
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