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Trashy (2000)

by Cambria Hebert(Favorite Author)
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Take It Off
review 1: I loved it! Cambria never fails to bring fans amazing stories! She is honestly one of my favorite authors of all times. The Take It Off Books are all Stand alones but you should definitely get them all! Everyone one I have read I have loved!Roxie thought when she met Craig in high school she found her one true love, boy she couldn't have been more wrong, he turned out to be the worst kind of guy she could have fallen in love with, a controlling abusing jerk. Yes he started out sweet and romantic like all abusive men tend to, making her feel loved and wanted, but his true colors came out. Craig vows he will get Roxie back one way or another.Roxie works at Mad Hatter a strip club, as a stripper not because she loves being a stripper but because the money is good, and she wan... morets to save enough money to go to college. She doesn't mess with the clientele at Mad Hatter, she is there only to do her job, and do it well enough to save the money she needs.Adam, the owner of Mad Hatter, a great guy, Roxie's boss. He makes sure his business is a safe environment for his employees, his is protective over them all. He will toss a customer out and if you get tossed out, you can not return...ever. Roxie can't help but have feelings for him but doesn't think he feels the same way, She is afraid if Adam knew the truth about her relationship with Craig, he could never want her, she thinks who would, she is Trashy just ask Craig.Adam, has been married 4 times, with his divorce from wife number 4 finalized he can no longer stay away from Roxie who he has felt a connection to since she walked into his club looking for a job, He is going to do make her his in everyway.Just when things start looking good, things take a turn for the worse. They get very bad. Buy this book to find out what happens! you will not be disappointed.Adam: I freaking Love Him. HOTT ALPHA MALE....whats not to love..
review 2: I really hope to see more of this author’s work. This was such a great story. It helped me understand what a woman in an abusive relationship feels and struggles with. I was so scared for her at times in this story I didn’t want to keep reading, but I couldn’t put it down.How do you build a life again when you feel you've failed? Roxie had so much guilt and self doubt that she lived with daily. Not to mention the awful ex-boyfriend she had stalking her.I loved Adam and how he was so restrained and respectful of his relationships even though they did not work out. He was Roxie's Knight in Shining Armor. Their relationship was meant to be.Reviewed by: Rachel Farradzs less
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Damn, I want a guy like Adam. Minus the 4 ex-wives, of course.
oh I love these books!!!
3.5 stars
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