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Le Imprevedibili Coincidenze Dei Ricordi (2011)

by Camille Noe Pagán(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 4
8820050757 (ISBN13: 9788820050757)
Sperling & Kupfer
review 1: I enjoyed the general story-line of the book (i.e. friendship between two women changed drastically when one woman experiences a traumatic brian injury), and I appreciated the facts and information contained in the book on traumatic brain injury. The book is a fairly fast read, and I don't regret reading the book, it's not that I "didn't like it." However, I just really did not like the relationship between Marissa, the main character in the book, and her friend Julie, who has the traumatic brain injury. Perhaps the book might have worked better had I gotten to know Julia more before she was injured (i.e. when she was strong and vibrant, professional, etc.). Instead, I just find her incredibly whiny, selfish and self-centered. Marissa spends the WHOLE book talking abo... moreut how Julia is her best friend. And yet the whole book is about how many times, and in how many ways, Julia betrayed her as a friend (Julia always putting her own wants and needs first). Which then makes me rather dislike Marissa, because Marissa allows herself to be treated this way AND constantly makes excuses for it. There is one key point in the book where Marissa is a coach to teenage girls and she is teaching a lesson on coaching. In the lesson, a teenage girl asks if it's bullying if a friend always makes you do what SHE wants you to do, and the lesson is yes, it's bullying. So as a reader, you're obviously waiting for Marissa to make the connection between this lesson and her own relationship with Julia. And it NEVER happens. Did the author intend to make the connection and forget? And did the editors cut it out of the book? In any case, but the end of the book, like the title of the book portends, the lesson of the book is "the art of forgetting." Meaning, the importance of moving on and focusing on the future. Getting go of past mistakes. Whereas what I wanted MOST from this book was not for Marissa to forget past mistakes in her relationship with Julia (or to not even acknowledge thos past mistakes), but I wanted her to LEARN from them. So I was very disappointed in this aspect of the book.
review 2: I won this book back in July and just now finishing it. At first I thought it was a chick-lit but it's really not so much.....a pretty good chick-lit if it is. At least it kept my attention and I never once thought about putting it down and not finishing it. The story starts with two friends who meet in middle school and stay friends through college and then both move to New York for their careers. On this fateful day one is hit by a cab and has serious head injuries which will take a long time to recover from. She has a hard time remembering things and her old life in which she was always the main attraction. Her friend starts remembering how she always played second to her and questions what their relationship was really about. In the end it is about forgetting and forgiving someone since no one is perfect. less
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I really liked the story but wished it had a happier ending.
Easy read - and decent story.
Absolutely LOVED this book!
3,5 stars - review to come
pretty - simple reading
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