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Curio (2011)

by Cara McKenna(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 1
1419936751 (ISBN13: 9781419936753)
Ellora's Cave
review 1: I love a book that has me giddy 'til the end. What a fantastic read for so many reasons.My one drawback, the cover. Hence the problem with putting a person's face on the cover. This guy is probably a hottie, but the lighting or something ... don't know, but I had to erase that image before I could read. (replaced with a French futbol player - le sigh.)Let me also say that I am a complete sucker for French men and stories featuring Paris. So, this one had me at hello. But, it was so much more than it's pretty French package, which is the theme here.It seems contrary to say it is a sweet love story featuring a male prostitute, but it is and kudos to Cara McKenna for gradually exposing the true beauty of these characters. She took an interesting premise and created a very ero... moretic story that took an amazing turn into heartwarming in the end.I loved that Caroly wasn't some brain dead virgin who was unaware that she even has girly parts. I almost didn't read this when I saw that the main character was a 30 year-old virgin. Not that I have a problem with someone being that, but most in recent literature are mind-bogglingly clueless with highly implausible stories as to why they are that way. I loved that Didier was the epitome of a sensual French man and how he made Caroly feel. He could have easily come off as cheesy, but the author added just the right about of flaw and humility to make him swooningly believable. I will definitely be reading more from this author.
review 2: If it's possible for an erotic romance to be sweet, this is the one. Didier and Caroly grab your heart and you wish the best for them from the start. If you're a horndog and looking for raunchy, gritty sex, this is not the book for you. But if you like reading INTELLIGENT sex, sex that's not perfect but fulfilling then this is the book for you. McKenna writes informed, graphic but believable sex scenes. She's a master at describing what her characters are feeling. Loved this book. Didier could be my rent boy anytime. less
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I didn't think it was worth $5.00, I won't be reading anymore. I seemed to drag on in my opinion.
3.5 starsSurprisingly not fluff and really rather sweet
Great Series. Highly Recommended.
I've read this over and over
Didier and Caroly
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