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The Vault Of Dreamers (2014)

by Caragh M. O'Brien(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 6
1596439386 (ISBN13: 9781596439382)
Roaring Brook Press
The Vault of Dreamers
review 1: 1/10 stars. Terrible, poor writing, unimaginative. The author uses words incorrectly on several occasions, and tries and fails to dramatize situations where there is no drama. She also sprinkles the book, annoyingly, with the occasional "vocabulary word of the day" word that is so out of the realm of language the rest of the book uses that it feels like she had to specifically write a sentence or paragraph around using it. This is a blatant tag along book of the dystopian future YA novel that seems to be popular right now, and it's not a good example. I gave it 1 out of 10 stars (curse you, Goodreads and your 5 star system that doesn't let me choose zero stars), because the ending showed promise that if the rest of the book had been done a little better, might not have bee... moren so awful. I do not recommend this to anyone, even YAs.
review 2: There is an endless list of problems I had with this book.Not even mentioning at least 2 typos I found while reading. I understand that things slip sometimes but if I can catch it first-hand, I feel like the person who's job it is to notice such things, should have. As far as it being an ARTS school they really didn't have much of anything to do with art. Honestly. I have taken art classes in college and my ex girlfriend used to go to art school and we've talked about how highly demanding it is, how competitive, and how stressful. There was nothing of the sort in this book. The story only tells, in depth, one class that the character attends. And the ONLY project in that class was 'Fail at something" which I can kind of get the whole-yea that's creative, outside the box- assignment but I'd have liked to see the other classes she attends. And more about the other artists. More of the demand, more critiques. There wasn't a single Critique in this entire book. The main character is a film maker, and honestly, doesn't seem to be very good at it from what I've read. She doesn't think creatively enough. She mainly just wants to spy on the school rather than make a film for artistic, creative reasons. She also seems VERY bland. If I were watching the forge show I would never watch her. I also get the sense that there's not a unique thing about her. Also let's take into consideration that the setting of this is not only an art school but also a boarding school. There should have been more about the classes. More in depth characters. Sure there were minor characters but there was barely anything about their talents. It almost seems as if, after the 50 cuts, all the art in the story goes out the window. Whereas you have a story like Harry Potter, also in the setting of a boarding school and it goes into detail about the MANY classes taken there, you get lessons from all of the classes he attends, there are many characters, many subplots, many background stories. I had to force myself to finish this bookLast but not least, it's for some reason being listed as a DYSTOPIA when it definitely is not. I can maybe understand with the cameras everywhere and the so called Villain/Evil Guy but to be completely honest the Evil character didn't seem all that evil. It seemed more like what he was doing was all in all for a good cause, for the greater good. And back to the cameras, it's a reality show. Every student signed a contract agreeing to be on camera 24/7, It's not like 1984 where there's cameras everywhere beyond everyone's will and Big Brother is Watching and whatnot. There's no society with odd rules that everyone must comply. There are no districts, no factions. It's just regular old united states. Nothing about this book was dystopian. I understand that genre is really hot right now but if that's what the author was going for they completely failed. But I don't actually think the author was going for that. I think the readers are the ones trying to label this a dystopia. Now the overall idea was an interesting concept. As though it started out as a good idea but I feel that it needed a bigger push in the right direction. I feel like the editor could have put in a little bit more of their input like "This needs changed." or "This doesn't make any sense" The character's decisions at times made zero sense. Like, no one would ever make that decision. The ending also made absolutely no sense and gave me no desire to read any of the other books. less
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I loved reading this book but the ending drove me nuts because it left me with too many questions.
Good/interesting story line. Lame ending
rating: 3.5
3.5 stars.
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