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Fake Perfect Me (2010)

by Cari Kamm(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Debut author Cari Kamm poses the question, "What is Fake Perfect?" in her debut novel Fake Perfect Me. Isabella Reynolds defines Fake Perfect in the New York City socialite world that she lives in. But, Kamm takes readers into deeper issues, such as low-self esteem and eating disorders. Having grown up in Greenwich, CT, I recognized the character of Isabella immediately. But, you don't have to live in or be exposed to any particular social arena, town or city to connect with this novel. Kamm tactfully, and with humor and warmth, addresses the issues that are rampant among young (and even older) woman who strive to be perfect and accepted by others, but most of all themselves.The novel is written in a voice that endears readers to Isabella, and they will find themselves che... moreering her on. Kamm's debut as an author is well founded, and I look forward to following her continued success with this and future books.
review 2: I am really not seeing where all the 5 star reviews are coming from. Although there are many poignant self-realization moments, the character is too choppy and shallow for me to care about very much. The constant name brand dropping and extravagant lifestyle are somewhat obnoxious. I had high hopes for something as clever as a Celia Rivenbark or Karen McQuestion story, but it is falling flat (yes I am only half through it but may not finish. I rarely do that.) Then again, I am more of a Bud Light tennis shoe wearing person that a statuesque Manolo martini swiller. Some might enjoy this. Me, not so much. less
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I found it hard at times to keep reading, self love or self hate such is life.
I read it at least 30 times.... I had to give it 5 stars :-)
Bravo Cari! Such a fun read! Can't wait for your next book!
Loved it! Great summer read!
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