Thursday Threads #5: Trust No One

In its beginnings, Nerd Love Shop was simply for offering digital prints.  I could let my nerd freak flag fly, but there was no postage to worry about, no post office drops, no risk.  Easy.

Although I had access to apparel printing, I was reluctant to jump into offering t-shirts or any sort of apparel.  With selling apparel, there are all sorts of issues introduced.  Like color display discrepancies with the final product, the order getting lost in the mail, customers not liking the cut or style or fit… it’s a lot of work.  Digital prints were far, far easier.

So why did I finally take the plunge?  Indoctrinating my children, obviously.  (I’m joking.  Sort of.)

But seriously, I wanted my kids to have nerd themed shirts that didn’t feel the need to have embarrassing things embroidered on them, like, “Daddy’s #1 Pooper,” or whatever.  I wanted them to have nerd shirts like we had, ones that were just cool, modern, and stylish.  So I created them.  And then I thought that maybe, just maybe, there were parents like me that wanted the same thing.  Thus, our shirt lines were born.

Trust No One

For today’s Thursday Threads we’re going to show our our newest t-shirt, Trust No One–offered in heather gray in both adult unisex as well as women’s fitted.  Inspired by Journal #3 from Gravity Falls, our Trust No One shirt replicates the author’s (shhh, no spoilers!) handwritten warning.

Makes me want to write and leave a journal in a hollowed out tree.  Just for fun.

But hey, did you know that on any of our adult sized listings, you can special request it in one of our youth, toddler, or infant sizes?  Seriously, just check out my mega-good-looking nephew in our heather gray 2T!

When ordering shirts from our shop, we are happy to take special requests, especially when it comes to spreading the nerd germ to your kids.  Which sounds creepy (and maybe it is a little bit), but when you’re raising the next generation of nerds, we fully support you.

It also never hurts to breed into your child a nice, big dose of paranoia.  Or maybe just make them a Gravity Falls fan–whichever floats your boat, our Trust No One shirt is there to help!

Did you see our Watch Wednesday about why you should watch Gravity Falls?


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