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Speaking Of Jesus: The Art Of Not-Evangelism (2011)

by Carl Medearis(Favorite Author)
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1434702103 (ISBN13: 9781434702104)
David C. Cook
review 1: A mixed bag that is nevertheless worth reading. The author's main point is unassailable: contemporary evangelical American Christianity has weighed down Jesus with all sorts of political, economic, and other pet causes that really have very little (if anything) to do with the picture of Jesus actually presented in the New Testament. We need to present the Jesus of the New Testament, not the conservative Jesus who just happens to be Republican and in favor of lower taxes and limited government. Fair enough. But in making his point, the author risks going too far in the other direction, to the point that he seems to avoid wanting to answer questions about Jesus even if people ask him point blank something like, "Is Jesus really God incarnate?" A question like that goes... more to the heart of orthodox Christian belief, but the author seems loath to engage people on that level. That I found somewhat problematic. Nevertheless, the author's writing is engaging - breezy and anecdotal. You probably won't agree with everything the author posits, but there is much here to ponder.
review 2: The author exhorts readers to "be nice to people and talk about Jesus." Using anecdotal evidence - evidence that is well documented statistically in works like "unChristian" - he highlights how people are interested in Jesus but repulsed by Christianity. I didn't agree with everything, but what I appreciated most was the author's rabid focus on Jesus. Some might argue that this book is too simplistic, but if we've made a religion that involves more than Jesus... well thats a big problem. less
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Great book. This is one that will challenge your thinking and break you out of a rut. Loved it!
Loved it. He takes it back to Jesus. Challenging, engaging, provocative and ultimately useful.
Helpful, accessible thought-provoking and easy to read.
One of my top 5! You have to read this book!
Interesting read.
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