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Beholden To You (2000)

by Carlie Sexton(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: If you really love someone, could you let them go? Natalie has had a lot of loss in her life. First her parents and then her sister's boyfriend kills her in an auto accident. Natalie has to attend the trail of her sister's boyfriend but first she has to attend the wedding of one of her best friends. Mac has also lost his parents and being an only child he finds himself the adopted child of his best friend Neil, who is marrying Natalie's best friend. On a trip to Vegas things heat up for Mac because he has always been interested in Nat. What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas. Mac and Nat find themselves married after a night of drinking. And from there things only get better and worst. Both Mac and Nat/s old flames come back into their lives wanting to hook u... morep. Well I can not say more but let's say kisses and hugs are exchanged between Nat and her ex and Mac decides that if that is what she wants, no matter how much her loves her, he is willing to let her go. Men, who told them they should think. Read this intriguing book and find out who ends up with whom.
review 2: The cover is sexy ;) Haha,I loved it so much hat i kept on staring at it most of the time. This story had me on the edge for most the time. I could really connect to the characters. At first I thought it was insta-Love but as the story progressed Nat and Mac as spent time with each other I really felt their love, devotion. I want Mac as my boyfriend. So perfect for her. Sweet,Hot,Sexy, supporting boyfriend. Whenever they had complications I was heartbroken. But it does have Happy ending. This book will make you love relationships,friendships, will inspire you. It was HOT AND SEXY !! Yes! ;) in the same time sweet ad adorable too. Looking forward to many books by Carlie Sexton :) less
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