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The Bees (2011)

by Carol Ann Duffy(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 1
0330442449 (ISBN13: 9780330442442)
review 1: This is such a moving collection of poems, particularly the ones that lament Duffy's late mother. I read them shortly after my own mother died and found them consoling and heartwarming, particularly one called 'Water'. Carol Ann Duffy has said she thinks of poems as 'secular prayers'. I cannot think of a better definition for her poems, nor a better reason to read them and think about them and recite them.
review 2: I didn't even know of this collection, which I think must show how distracted I've been lately, because I love Carol Ann Duffy's work -- and there are some glorious ones here. This is her first collection since becoming poet laureate, I believe, and it contains the poetry she wrote in that capacity -- 'Mrs Schofield's GCSE', 'Last Post' -- as well a
... mores others, with a lovely motif of bees and honey running through. There's all sorts of poetry here, poetry of loss, political poetry, poetry based on mythology... I think my favourites were 'Last Post' and 'Virgil's Bees'. There's lots of lovely lines, though, as you'd expect. less
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Nectar slurry, pollen furry - wonderful
Stunning work.
Ni fú ni fa.
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