Beautiful Bastard – A Negative Review

Well, that happened. What was ‘that’, you may ask? ‘That’ was the most misogynistic crap-fest I have read in a long while. I was really hoping to enjoy this. I was having one of those days where only a cheesy, overly romantic new adult romance novel can get you out of. Sadly, I was terribly disappointed. I feel the need to drop everything and go reread Wuthering Heights or something, just to purge this from my memory. Sadly, ain’t nobody got time for that so I guess I will just have to move on.

Anyway, on to the review.

If the number of stars shown above did not warn you, this won’t be very positive.

Beautiful Bastard is about a woman named Chloe who is currently pursuing her MBA, interning at a super fancy media firm. Her boss, Bennett Ryan, the owner’s son, is a total a**hole who has made it his life’s mission to make things hard her. He is rude, disrespectful, and a total jerk. Obviously, Chloe hates the guy, and rightfully so. But, the fact that the man is the hottest thing to have ever been hot, leaves Chloe momentarily blinded and the two end up getting it on in an empty conference room.

Now, before I continue let me just describe this scene. One day, Bennett is being a jerk, asking Chloe to work overtime, giving her so much work that she has to skip lunch. When she is a few minutes late with all the work, Bennett decides to continue being an a**hole, going off because she wasn’t more punctual. Then he has her create a presentation in a conference room where he sexually harasses her. As she is bending over to start her slide show, Bennett the Bastard as I called him, puts his hand on her butt and starts caressing. He ends up ripping off her underwear, because nothing says sexy like ripped panties, and starts sticking fingers where fingers were not invited. And so, their trysts begin.

First of all, I don’t care how hot the guy is. Chloe was just doing her job and he comes and harasses then assaults her. She did not voice her permission. She did not give any indication of wanting that to happen.

Chloe, at first shocked, decided to let it happen because, despite the fact that what Bennet the Bastard was doing was sexual assault, he is too hot for her to think straight. So she thinks, sure, why not get it on with this a*sshole that I hate with all my guts.

That is not ok. That is not attractive.

Anyway, from there, there is a lot of sex which I mostly skipped over because there was nothing compelling about it. The two fall in love, somehow. There is unnecessary drama, as all new adult books have. Then they end up happily ever after, as I knew they would. All while Bennett the Bastard calls Chloe a bitch and continues to disrespect her. So, I guess this was one of those cases where sexual assault ends in romance. Right?

I’m going to go read an actual good book now.

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