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The Threads Of The Heart (2007)

by Carole Martinez(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
1609450876 (ISBN13: 9781609450878)
Europa Editions
review 1: The first half off the book sucked me in with it's magic, then I felt myself just dragging along through the second half. The writing is beautiful and the story does captivate one's attention, it also stimulates you with it's otherworldly tales. I don't often describe a fiction as stimulating, but this story is so very strange. This book is well loved, but I have to say that Frasquita's sewing is a far better seam than the novel itself. The reader begins to feel confusion, either with overload or with disorganized moments. Sometimes the details are just too much and you want to say 'okay, I get it, move on please'. Some books are beyond star ratings, because I wouldn't list this as a favorite but it also deserves more than 3 stars simply for the talent of Martinez. I feel ... moremy clouded review is a picture of the state my mind is in after reading this novel. It's soon to be a film and I think it would make a better movie, maybe...
review 2: Un livre magnifique, entre conte et tradition, tout inondé du soleil d'Espagne.Il m'avait échappée lors de sa sortie, malgrè plusieurs prix ! Un roman d'aiguilles où les personnages luttent pour survivre,sous le poids du quotidien et des coutumes qui condamnent cette femme d'une beauté sauvage et mystique : entourée d'enfants, elle brode sa vie au fil des évènements ! Un exellent roman que l'on a beaucoup de mal à refermer ! less
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this was given me by a french friend, and I found it quite wonderful, magic realism and all.
The most confusing, unorthodox book I have ever read.
très beau et très dur à la fois!
Brilliant writing. Elegant.
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