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The Cart Before The Corpse (2009)

by Carolyn McSparren(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 3
0984125833 (ISBN13: 9780984125838)
The Merry Abbot Carriage Driving Mystery
review 1: I enjoyed this book. I liked the setting in the horse world, the characters, the way the plot unrolled. I was a little disappointed with the ending -- it felt somewhat rushed and, though I was entertained by the surprise, it didn't really feel like there had been adequate set-up for the outcome.But overall, I'd place it in the top 10% of Kindle mysteries I've read. The writing style felt smooth and was easy to read. Whenever I got bored with some other book, I'd find myself coming back to this one for relaxation.I recommend it and will probably get a copy for my mother.
review 2: This wasn't a bad book at all. I will admit though that it took a little work to get into it as others have mentioned. I'm not a horse person, so the carriage details were a bit much f
... moreor me. I could have done with less.Having said that, once things picked up, things got going with gusto. I liked all of the characters. Mossy Creek is quite the community. The Garden Club ladies pack quite a kick in their punch and don't mess with Don Qui.The ending wasn't quite what I expected, which is a good thing. I'm glad I didn't entirely figure everything out. less
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A little whimsical throughout the book. The ending was not what I expected, so i liked it.
Read for an online bookclub-Jan 2013. This was a light, easy, enjoyable read.
I really liked this book. I never figured out 'who done it' until the end!
It didn't knock me off my feet, but I enjoyed it!
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