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All God's Creatures (2004)

by Carolyn McSparren(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 4
0967303583 (ISBN13: 9780967303581)
review 1: For me the first thing I considered is a comparison to All Creatures Great and Small and the other books by James Herriot. Like those books, the stories trace a vet through the joys and sorrows connected to the profession. And like those books, we get to know the vet and family and friends. In this case, Maggie is the vet who becomes one of the few women veterinarians in Tennessee in the 1960's. We get to know Maggie, her vet partner and the man who marries her, loves her and treasures her.This book is most of all a love story. Not just about a woman and her husband and children, but also the love that owners have for their animals, the love of someone for their perfect profession and the love of friends for one another.There is subtle humor in the book. The kind of humor ... morethat is natural and a part of real life. Nothing in the book is forced or out of what is ordinary life.The growth of a marriage and a family and all the pain and joy that go with that are one of the themes. The book is populated by interesting people and fascinating events in the world of veterinary medicine and life in general.At times we learn almost more than we want to know about how to treat animals. But, during the entire story, I remained interested.I would recommend this book to anyone who is an animal lover, anyone who has a sense of humor, and anyone who wants to get the feel of the south.I believe the book is well written, and the characterizations are terrific. The people in this story, are generally the kind of people you would like to sit down and visit with a glass of iced tea nearby. No one is perfect, every one struggles with life. And in the end, they overcome their obstacles in one way or another.Try it, you'll like it.
review 2: This book was a new area for me....animals (2 legs and 4 legs - mostly the 4 legs). I enjoyed Maggie McLain's story. The backgound setting of the story really interested me because it is factually based and I learned more about large animals (horses, cows, pigs, wolves)than I've ever been exposed too. Becoming a female vet was a real challenge in the years (I believe the 60s) that Maggie decided to pursue her chosen career. Veterinarians was a male dominated career, like many other careers that required a college degree and internships at some point in time. There were many careers that women were to be excluded from. The time frame of Maggie's life in this novel started as a senior graduating from high school and ended as she was seriously considering full retirement in her early to mid-sixies. I would like to write more about this book, but I believe that an individual should be allowed to make their own decision/judgement about books, movies, and life experiences. I don't have a problem saying whether I liked it or not and highlighting what was meaningful to me or what may annoy ME. My stars are my personal opinion. This book will touch everyone differenly, like all of them do. less
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I loved this book. It's not available in print right now. Read other reviews if you're interested.
Wonderful book. Didn't want it to end
Entertaining, light read.
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