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A Taylor Made Student (2013)

by Carrie Anne Ward(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 2
1490346899 (ISBN13: 9781490346892)
The Taylor Made Series
review 1: Oh my! This isn't just your typical school girl crush on the teacher story....it's so much more!Keira Fox is starting over with her studies, she's enrolled back in university to get her degree! Taylor Holloway just happens to be Keira's art teacher and they find an instant attraction. The university frowns upon any other relationship besides the student teacher relationship so Keira and Taylor must keep their relationship a secret. They do a decent job keeping their relationship a secret but someone finds out and starts sending them threatening texts and photos. Despite everything, including visits from Keira's abusive ex, they find a way to make it work!Super erotic and sensual, this book keeps you guessing and the BDSM scenes are awesome! Definitely recom... moremend!
review 2: This was a fascinating book. I loved all the characters and the BDSM subject matter was very interesting. It does end with a cliffhanger and is continued in A Taylor Made Master.This is the story of Keira and Taylor. Kiera is a University student and Taylor is her teacher. Taylor and Keira first spot one another at a "freshers" mixer at the University. Keira feels a strong attraction from the beginning but has no idea who he is. She is surprised when she walks into class and sees the object of her attaction is her teacher. They know that Teacher/Student relationships are not allowed but cannot deny the attaction they feel for one another. They begin a Dominant/Submissive relationship that they do their best to keep hidden, but someone knows their secret and is toying with them.They both have so many secrets. Keira was in a abusive relationship and is afraid for Taylor to find out because she doesn't want him to look at her differently. He has an ex that still seems very much a part of his life but why? Then Keira meets Jeremy who is very attacted to her but she only has eyes for Taylor even when he is breaking her heart. This is a very erotic read and has some elements of suspense and keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. I would definitely recommend this book. I less
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4.5 stars!!!!!!This book got me and I need more. lots more and Taylor is freaking yummy.
Just another rip off from "fifty shades of grey"
Poor writing skills. little imagination
Great book. Loved the characters.
just started reading :-)
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