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Preserving a history of American war letters On a personal note

Recently Zach’s grandfather Marvin Yarotsky passed away at 93 years old – a man with talents and interests to fill many lifetimes. He served in World War II as a member of the Super Sixth (General Patton’s Sixth Armored Division) and fought in the battle of the Bulge.

While helping to sort out and take home some precious items from his grandparents home, Zach and I came across a shoe box filled with postcards from the early 1940s. Most detail daily life and are brief updates about “how are you doing” and “wish you were here”, but the collection is a fascinating look at the time.

War Letters – preserving our military past

Dear Abby wrote recently about a man named Andy Carroll, a historian with a mission to seek out and preserve war-related letters as a way of honoring and remembering our veterans.

Almost 20 years ago, Andy began to collect these letters and today that collection holds approximately 100,000 wartime correspondences – from the handwritten messages in the American Revolution and Civil War to emails from Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond.

That entire collection was donated to Chapman University in Orange, CA (just a few miles from my hometown!), and is now called the Center for American War Letters (CAWL).

Mr. Carroll is in San Antonio for one night only (really, he flies in and then zooms off for an event at the Pentagon) and we are honored to host him for a chat about his collection and works.

Join us!

A big thank you to Classic Theatre of San Antonio for helping us host Andrew Carroll. For more information about the event, ask Eva at [email protected] or 210.562.0736


Looking forward to seeing you at this event!


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