Magnus Chase 2.0 Tour of Boston

A fun thing we’ve done the last few visits home is a little homemade tour based on a book series that is based at home in Boston.  Last year I wrote about our Magnus Chase tour with Josh’s Aunt Ellen.  Magnus Chase is a book by Rick Riordan (also the author of the Percy Jackson series) and is about a Norse demi-god boy by the name of… Magnus Chase of course!  The books are set in Boston so it’s been a fun way to roam around the city looking for the points of reference in his books while seeing home from a new and different perspective.  

Josh’s Aunt Ellen is an avid reader and lives in Brookline so when I told her about the first book last year, she not only read it, but wrote down all the references and created a custom tour for us – from visiting the dumpster behind Marathon Sports on Newbury Street to the Make Way for Ducklings and the bridge that Magnus slept under when he was homeless in the Boston Public Garden, we saw as much as we could.

The second book came out last fall and while there weren’t as many Boston references (they spent quite a bit of time down in Provincetown as well in this book), we still found some fun sites to go visit that we might otherwise have skipped when we were home.  And while it’s great to check out some new places in the city, it’s also been a great way for the kids to connect with Aunt Ellen.  This year, our tour took us to the Thinking Cup on Boylston Street, the Edgar Allan Poe statue near the Public Garden, the Transportation Building and back to the Boston Public Garden.  And let’s not forget Cheers!  Yes, we ended up at Cheers.  The kids now love the show by the way…

Washington monument in the Boston Public Garden Cupcake from the bakery next to the Thinking Cup Edgar Allan Poe statue Aidan at Cheers Liam at Cheers It’s not officially on the tour but we made a stop at Boston Marathon Finish line too Outside the Thinking Cup Aidan finally got a 7-11 slurpee while we were at the Transportation Building Cheers

Thanks again for the tour Aunt Ellen!  We’re looking forward to the adventures of Book 3 which was just released in October (but we haven’t started since we are finishing up another of Rick Riordan’s adventures with the Greek god Apollo).

Knuffels en kussen,



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