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Demon Derby (2014)

by Carrie Harris(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 2
0385742177 (ISBN13: 9780385742177)
Random House
review 1: Demon Derby felt a little personal. I did not have leukemia as a teen; I had to have a lung lobe removed when I was 45. I was in good shape physically, was training and competing with my dogs in Schutzhund, got influenza, had a chest x-ray, and my life fell apart. I had pulmonary neuroendocrine carcinoma, 1 of 1600 people diagnosed in 2006. The surgery caused permanent damage, people looked at me differently, and I had to fight to get my life back. I did not have chemo (there is no chemotherapy for this tumor), but I had a severe reaction to the drug used to help with the nerve and muscle damage. Eight years later, I still have to remind myself that I can do whatever I want. Some of my friends are still uncomfortable around me. The fear of the cancer returning is still a w... morehisper in the back of my mind.Casey is real and believable. She is angry, lonely, frustrated, and sick of being sick. She is certain the cancer will come back and scared to death. She is terrified that her body will betray her again. Derby is a distraction; the derby girls do not know her, and she thinks she can make a clean start. Then the demons show up. Casey has a lot of demons to fight, and her own demons may be just as evil and difficult to defeat as the bad guys.
review 2: As a recovering cancer patient, Casey misses the strong, daredevil girl she used to be -- a freerunner and martial artist. Now physically weaker, she is all too aware of her own mortality. When she hears about tryouts to become a roller derby girl, Casey jumps at the chance to recapture her fearlessness. She meets the gorgeous roller derby team manager, Michael, who turns out to be a Sentinel come to earth to train people how to destroy demons. Casey becomes his first demon-hunter and happily, his first girlfriend. Although it’s an unlikely mix of realistic cancer recovery sequences, flippant teen conversations, roller derby, and vicious demon attacks, the story works. The author’s handling of Casey’s recovery seemed particularly adept. In a Q and A section at the end, it is revealed that the author’s husband is a cancer survivor himself, and he served as inspiration, in part, for Casey’s character. less
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Not exactly fine literature- well okay, pretty trashy but a fun read all the same.
Amazing book with a great story. I couldn't put it down!
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