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Bad Yeti (2012)

by Carrie Harris(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 4
0449817725 (ISBN13: 9780449817728)
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
review 1: Rating: 4/5This short story centers around Jonah, Kate's little brother. Jonah is about to venture into the LARP world. This is Live Action Role Playing, where people dress in real life as game or book characters and role play, cosplay comes to my mind everytime I hear about LARP. Anyway, during his LARP camp trip he sees a Yeti, actually the Yeti lands on his tent. With the help of three girls that he kind of has feeling for he will follow the Yeti and uncover a whole operation of creating and selling mythological creatures. This story was very entertaining. I used to be a gamer, still am sometimes. But the whole LARPing thing seems so awesome to me, I wish there was something like that when I was a kid. Jonah is such a great main character. He is a true teenage boy. He l... moreikes every girl around him and he tries to act like the leader even when it's obvious he is far from it. We didn't get to see much of him on Bad Taste in Boys, but now we saw how adorable he really is. But also it made me realise how glad I am I don't have a little brother, it'd be a pain.
review 2: I'd like to start off by saying, before this book I did not truly understand what the term, "LOL". If you haven't ever lol'd when reading something, you will when you read this book. This was a light, easy, fun read. It was short, so you could bring it with you anywhere, but it was funny. So, unless you want people to give you a Are-You-Insane look when you randomly burst out laughing, I wouldn't suggest taking this to a public place.We finally, finally get to learn more about Jonah Grable. Jonah, just like Kate, was hilarious (I don't think Carrie is capable of writing a character that isn't hilarious. Props for that.) She totally captured the perfect fifteen-year-old guy, in a totally relatable way.Oddly, Amethyst, Europa, and Calamity totally reminded me of my sisters and I when we were growing up. It was really funny to see some of the things they did that had me thinking, "Yup. Done that before."Like always, Carrie delivers a very realistic setting for her books. She describes everything very nicely, without boring you to hysterical tears. You can easily picture the people, the place and everything that it is happening while keeping you on the edge of your seat.When I first heard that her first book, BAD TASTE IN BOYS, was about zombies, I totally did the whole, "::Scoff:: That is so LAME" thing. Read the book. Eating my words. It never ceases to amaze me how Carrie can take some of the lamest things, and turn them into the most awesome things ever. It's a skill, for sure!Over all, it was awesome. A total 11 on the Awesome Scale of 1 to 10 (Or as Carrie would say, an Eleventy-Seven!) Buy this book if are in a bad mood or if you live on planet Earth. You won't regret it. Trust me.And Jonah? You're right. Girl's really do like the hero. ;)From the Kozy Korner,KimberlyKimberlysKozyKorner.blogspot.com less
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6/10 for slightly entertaining parody worthy extremely dry humour.
More fun. Love Carrie Harris's writing style.
Cute quick story, nothing special
cute and quick read
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