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Oh, Le Beau Manteau Pour Zorro ! (2014)

by Carter Goodrich(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Zorro, a pug and Mister Bud, a mutt are happy companions who abide by a daily schedule. One day, their owner shakes things up by dressing Zorro as a superhero. Zorro feels humiliated by the attire and Mister Bud does his best to cheer his buddy but it is a stranger, a dog named Dart, wearing a striped shirt and jaunty scarf, who puts the fun back into Zorro's day. After reading this story, ask your child, "What is this story about?" You may hear answers like "friendship" or "having fun" or even "it's about not letting someone make you feel bad." This story is a great conversation starter.
review 2: I loved "Say Hello to Zorro!" so I sought out this sequal. The story was not as good as the first, either as a moral lesson for children or just as a fun book for d
... moreog lovers. Is there a metaphor here? Not that every story needs one, but perhaps Zorro's acceptance of his new outfit would help kids who need glasses, braces, etc., though Zorro's need for the outfit is never explained. I like to think it's protecting him from the cold and not just the owner's wish to dress him up like a doll. Still, the illustrations are wonderful and capture dogs' many expressions, from the excited anticipation of a game of ball, to feeling dejected and wanting to be left alone. I hope Goodrich will continue to write about the adventures of Mr. Bud and Zorro. less
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Zorro! He no likes he's outfit.
Loved this book! Just as Twigg!
dogs, pets, friends
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