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Say Hello To Zorro! (2011)

by Carter Goodrich(Favorite Author)
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1416938931 (ISBN13: 9781416938934)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
review 1: I think I found out about this book from Goodreads. It was the kind of story that made me think "if I was a dog, that is how I would want to live my doggie life". A fun story with great illustrations. I read that the author, Carter Goodrich, is the main character drawer dude (sorry, can't think of the title they used:-) of Despicable Me among other famous animated films. I love when people cross over to other forms of artistic expression.
review 2: This book is about a dog named Mr. Bud who had his own schedule that he followed day by day. It seemed that everyone followed the schedule. Then one day, his owner came home with another dog named Zorro. They didn't get along at first; they were both really mean to each other, and then they realized that they had
... more the same schedule. All of a sudden, they became best friends, and suddenly their schedules became more fun!This book, to me, has voice. It has voice of a dog with an attitude that doesn't like change until he experiences something that makes him change his mind. This is a great book to teach voice. The book includes very little dialogue, but the dialogue truly changes the voice as you read. Students can use this book to see how dialogue changes voice and how they can use dialogue in their writing to create voice for their piece. less
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Adorable. Ella giggled and giggled and giggled.
Dogs. Need I say more?
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