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Dis Bonjour à Zorro ! (2013)

by Carter Goodrich(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Good ol' Mr. Bud. He had things just the way he liked them. He had his schedule just right. My favorite is number 4: Shift-position-nap-some-more time. And number 6: Greet and make a fuss time is pretty good too. Then Zorro came to live in Mr. Bud's house. How will they get along? There was trouble at first. Then something strange happened. And the greet and make a fuss time was much louder. I just love Zorro and Mr. Bud. What great dogs. If you like this book you should also read Zorro gets an outfit.
review 2: The illustrations in this book really shine and help tell the story of Mister Bud, who is the happiest dog until Zorro is introduced into the house. The expressions are absolutely priceless. Only later did I discover that Carter Goodrich was the lead ch
... morearacter designer for Despicable Me. He has also designed characters Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Open Season and Ratatouille. Well, it definitely shows in this book.The text of the story is wonderful but the expressions really drive the feud between these two dogs. Destined to be enemies, they find they have the same schedule and become the best of buds.As I was reading this story, I couldn’t help but think this book would be a terrific way to introduce something (or someone) new to the house. What may seem like a terrible idea could end up being the best thing ever. less
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The start of my two favourite dogs. Life from the dogs' perspective. A wonderful read.
Another one Cocoa and I have read countless times. Love this.
This whole series is apparently awesome! Loved it!
Dog lovers will love this one.
Yeah for pug books.
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