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A Grid For Murder (2012)

by Casey Mayes(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
0425251640 (ISBN13: 9780425251645)
A Mystery by the Numbers
review 1: Decent cozy, though not quite enough atmosphere for me. Basically once our main character is on the case, that's all she does - stalk around town and question people. No working in of puzzles or atmosphere. No plot to have her accidentally overhear conversations, or learn things from third sources - just interviews and trips to City Hall/Hall of Records. I may go back and read the first in the series, but I hope it is a step up in the other elements.
review 2: My bad. I'm usually so careful about starting off a series with the first book, but, for some reason, I missed the fact that this was the third book in the A Mystery by the Numbers series. Oh, well.Anyway, this was an enjoyable read for the most part, despite the fact that I came into the storyline
... morea little later than usual. There was enough back story references to give me the general gist of the history of Savannah and Zach.For the most part, I liked the characters and the mystery. Savannah sometimes had a tendency to rub people the wrong way with her method of sleuthing. I admired her tenacity and determination, but her heavy-handed dealings with the potential suspects sometimes left me shaking my head. The relationship between her and Zach was heartwarming and sweet.This is the type of cozy, small-town mystery I enjoy and, at some point, I will probably go back and read the first two books in the series. less
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the plot was much too simple for my tastes and the relationship with her husband much too bland
It's a mystery...the plot was okay, the writing was average.
Did not feel outcome provided all the answers
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