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Life Of Irrational Choices (2000)

by Apoorv Vishnoi(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 5
1501088513 (ISBN13: 9781501088513)
review 1: Anecdote about all of us.I read the book with smile on my face. So many recognizable moves although Apoorv Vishnoi lives in another side of the world. Maybe it is in our genes to make irrational choices and we shouldn't fight against it? I believe it is not going to be a spoiler when I agree with the author saying that our biggest need is happiness. Actually I would go a step further stating that it is actually not a need, but our original state of being and our birthright. How comes that we forget it on the way? Life of Irrational Choices is a small but very clear example of how it happens. Don't expect anything big and mind-blowing from this book. It is simple, humorous, quite interesting biographical story, but it is nothing new; it is nothing that is not already said (... morebut I guess it goes for all non fiction). I liked it and together with the author I hope there will be people who will find it not only helpful, but also life-changing. It is completely possible. Author shared how his depression developed, and I am sure many readers can identify with it. And that is the opening for a possible greater change.I hope Mr. Vishnoi will continue writing, he has the touch of Jerome K. Jerome and if he sticks to the reality and seeing us (himself) in the true light, he can create a really good five star literature. Because he has cracked the hardest nut - the crazy idea that we are rational beings.
review 2: At some point of time in our lives we all have madly wanted to make money, but the problem came in when we were asked the much dreaded question “HOW”.LOIRC by Apoorv Vishnoi is an outstanding portrayal of the life of every middle class guy whom we come across. They have the big dream, the buring passion, loads of advise and misguided action and at the end the ultimate success.Awesome and enthralling read!!!I would recommend every dreamer to grab a copy and watch their own life unfold before them. less
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"Wonderful amalgamation of humour, self-help & motivation. A must read for today’s youth."
An excellent book. While reading this book, it seemed to me that this book is written for me
#IRC - I delayed reading this book
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