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Joey No Toes (2012)

by John Milner(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
1457507269 (ISBN13: 9781457507267)
dogear publishing
review 1: I was very much intrigued reading Joey No Toes.. I couldn't put it down. The friendship between Joey No Toes and Mickey was strange, yet Mickey felt drawn to being loyal and important in Joey's business dealings.. maybe the cover denotes Mickey as the "puppet"? Kind of a strange book, not what I would usually read.. but I did enjoy it and gave me much food for thought on people and life, even though it was fiction, it seemed so real. This could have happened!Thanks to John Milner this was a free Give away.. I will pass it on to another avid reader.
review 2: I won a copy of John Milner's "Joey No Toes" from the Goodreads Firstreads giveaway, thank-you for the opportunity! This was an entertaining read! I couldn't put it down once I started!The novel follows
... moreMickey Mulden, a naive and anxiety-stricken man who has yet to find his path in life due to numerous life happenstance. While lost and seemingly short of motivation and direction he stumbles into the world of Joey No Toes. An unlikely relationship ensues and Mickey is thrown into examining a world that has always existed just beyond his lived experience. Mickey, although intelligent and capable, is most vulnerable to being placed as a pawn within the game of crime and illegal activity. It is an eye opening whirlwind of events that has Mickey taking stock of what he wants to pursue in life and reconsider his value system. Joey No Toes is a likable character who holds a genius mind and charm that has allowed for his success (and failures), engaging in connections and experiences to which most people would only ever see on t.v. As a counsellor working in the mental health field, this novel excelled in describing the vulnerability of the lower socioeconomic-class, of the compromised, of the desperate. It painted a realistic picture of how easily we can be swayed, often through unexpected circumstance, into a chain of events that can be life-altering. And how the criminal world often leaves a trail of helpless victims along the way. I truly enjoyed the novel and would recommend to others at a 4 star rating. less
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From what I see this book is amazing and I can't wait for the chance to hold it and read it. Love it
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