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Demiurge: Blood Of The Innocent (2014)

by Michael R. Hagan(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 6
0991709438 (ISBN13: 9780991709434)
Bookkus Publishing
review 1: Part crime mystery, part religious fantasy, this is a little like the Dan Brown stories but with more emphasis on the crime than the religion - not entirely surprising as the main character is a police detective. In keeping with our expectations of the genre, Detective Hassom is estranged from his wife and child and is prone to beating himself up over how he allows his job to get in the way of his relationship with his child. Although something of a cliche, this does at least have some relevance to the story and can be forgiven.The plot is an interesting one and the story begins with Hassom investigating a horrific multiple murder. We follow Hassom in his investigation as he comes to understand the enormity of what he is dealing with and, eventually, his own role in it.... moreThe characterisation is very good and most of the main characters develop in believable ways in response to events. All of the characters remain consistent and most of them are distinct (with the exception of the two main female characters who I thought were a little too similar and not really sufficiently developed).However, at times the narrative became unnecessarily wordy. I realise that this was almost certainly deliberately done and restricted to the chapters that dealt with historic and mythical events but I found it quite annoying and skipped through much of these parts of the book. I also skipped through much of the sex scene which was far too long and seemed quite out of place, serving only to interrupt the flow of the story.There are also a few too many editing oversights, including the occasional use of the wrong word (the repeated use of the word incredulous instead of incredible was particularly irritating).On the whole there is more to like about it than not to like so I’d say it’s worth a read.
review 2: I was given an opportunity by the author, Michael Hagan, to read an electronic copy of Demiurge for an honest review. What a thrilling ride you take - from ancient times to the present, from demons to innocents, and from the law to the lawless. I thought it was smartly written and enjoyed how the author connected two seemingly different worlds - that of archaeologist James McKenzie and of Detective Hassom - in a clear and concise manner. Throw in a little demonic possession from an ancient Entity and you have the makings of a great thriller. I recommend this book and look forward to reading more by this author. less
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The Book Nook
Frighteningly good, frightening story, and frightening in the number of documented as well as 'fictitious' prophecies which have come/are presently coming to fruition.... No darn way this is YOUNG Adult fiction, though. Adult thriller definitely!!!
It was a good book. I liked it a lot. I like the variety of characters in it. A well written book.
Fantastic!! best twists and turns that i have ever read in a long time! get it now!!
Totes Amazeballs... What a plot! Just read it!Wow!
Couldn't have written better. ;)
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