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Crying For Help: The Shocking True Story Of A Damaged Girl With A Dark Past (2012)

by Casey Watson(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 4
0007436580 (ISBN13: 9780007436583)
Harper Element
review 1: I have only just started to read Casey Watson books, as I have only just discovered her books and I have really enjoyed some of the books so far. Casey writing style is just brilliant and her writing style keeps you gripped throughout the book. Casey does a great job in fostering and meeting all the children's needs for instance in this book, Sophia needed help for her mental health issues. Cant wait to read more of her books.
review 2: Two weeks after saying farewell to her first foster child, Casey Watson is asked to look after Sophia, a troubled 12-year-old with a sad past. Sophia’s actions are disturbing and provocative and, before long, Casey and her family find themselves in a dark and dangerous situation.Right away, Casey feels something isn’t right.
... more Sophia’s a well-developed girl, who looks more like 18 than 12. She only seems to have eyes and ears for men, and treats all women with contempt and disgust. And she has everyone around her jumping through hoops.Over time, as more details begin to emerge about Sophia’s past, it becomes clear that her behaviour is a front for an early life filled with pain and suffering. But although Casey feels she is gradually breaking through to Sophia and getting her to open up about things she has never spoken about before, her violence is threatening the safety of the whole family, forcing Casey to question whether she can really handle this lost and damaged girl.A true story detailing the sometimes shocking and dangerous aspects of foster care. less
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Good read! Amazing how much patience this family had with this foster child!
Read it because it was an easily accessible e-book. Poorly written.
some parts were actually quite edge of my seat!
Sad book but very well written
This was a great story!
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