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Too Hurt To Stay: The True Story Of A Troubled Boy’s Desperate Search For A Loving Home (2012)

by Casey Watson(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 5
0007436629 (ISBN13: 9780007436620)
Harper Element
review 1: it was ok, a bit hit and miss. I felt like it was confused in places, parts of the story were skimmed over, other parts repeated. I do find Casey quite frustrating at times, she is meant to be am.experienced foster carer but then she makes repeated naive judgments and mistakes! it does drive me crazy when she goes on about how amazing she is and how amazing her "boss" john thinks she is.... I do think that what she does is fantastic, don't get me wrong, but its the fact that she makes out that this is her first/second/third.... placement but her praise from john over her dedication and commitment implies she has been fostering for much much longer and contradicts her story... if that makes sense?!! gotta fly for school run lol!
review 2: A good book from Casey,
... more but I found it hard to connect because of the extent of the damage done to Spencer. Although horribly upsetting, I was so glad he could be sorted out and be returned to his mother eventually. I found Casey's books after reading Cathy Glass, and although similarities, Casey is a completely different woman...and fosters differently. Putting Spencer into specialist care until he was ready to be returned(and until his mum was ready too) was the right decision, but by no means was it easy. Will definitely read more from Casey, and this was a good introduction to her and her delightful family. less
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Fantastic writer had me in tears a few times
I enjoyed each of Casey Watson's books.
Loved this story!
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