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Just A Boy: An Inspiring And Heartwarming True Story (2013)

by Casey Watson(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 5
Harper Element
review 1: I decided to read this book because it have never read a book based on a true story before and this book looked like a lovely one to read.On the bingo board this book comes under- a book based on a true story. This makes it interesting because it means it has happened and you can relate to it more because you know it is reality for some people and it does happen.My favourite quote from this book is the very last part in the book and the last line in the thank you card that Cameron sends back and it is a quote from a famous blind person called Helen Keller and the quote is "the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision". This is my favourite quote from the book because it really means something to the character and is such a nice way to end the book.So... moremething new I have learnt from this book is to not give up and to stay positive even if times get tough because you can still get through them in a nice and happy way while still living life to its fullest.A character in this book that I thought was interesting was Cameron because even though he is blind he still has a happy life because it is the way he wants to live it and he is such a special character to have is this book because he can be an inspiration to others in the same situation.Just to let you know it was a bit confusing because the book was shorter that I first though because the rest of it seemed to be something else but I still wanted to do a review on it because I want others to read it.
review 2: Hmm what to say? The story is okay, it's nice but could have been so much more. It is indeed a very short story which was a surprise as I wasn't expecting most of the book to be excepts from other books. The story itself is about a foster family and a boy staying with them for a few days. Its sweet and heartwarming but the writer could have gone into much more detail and made it a much better read. I'm sure the impact the boy left on her deserves much more than a few pages. less
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It was okay. Not a big fan of short stories or excerpts of other books by same author.
very short, little substance... could be so much more.
Cute and VERY Short. Glad this one was free.
Good book
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