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The Boy No One Loved (2011)

by Casey Watson(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 4
Harper Element
review 1: Once I started reading this I couldn't put it down, but I must admit, while I have the utmost admiration for all foster parents, I am not sure how I feel about foster children being used as the subject for a book. I was also a little surprised that Casey, with all the experience she has with children, didn't anticipate some of Justin's reactions. However, I had to finish reading once I had started in the hope that there was a happier outcome for this boy. The writing style made the book easy to read and I did find myself caring a great deal about all the characters in the book.
review 2: If you want a sneak peek into the story,well, read the other reviews/comments. I personally felt that the book was written with a great deal of honesty and will have you em
... morepathising with the people at various levels. Not a tear-jerker or a hard hitting book interested in telling a sob story. Just a book about good intentions, patience and family values told in a non preachy and succinct way. Read it if you have led a privileged life and need a dose of reality about the unfortunates on the other side of the spectrum. less
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A terribly sad account of real-life effects of abuse. Casey Watson and her family are saints.
I really enjoyed this book it was a great read.A very sad start to life for this young boy
It is a poorly written story thinly veiling the author's self-congratulatory style.
I just thought it was so sad and unfair that the author didn't keep him.
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