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Chłopiec, Którego Nikt Nie Kochał (2012)

by Casey Watson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I came across this book just randomly, sitting on one of the shelves of my library. The title of the book does total justice to the story embarked within those pages inside. The book is written in a way that it could seep into your mind quite unnoticeably and make you cringe when you come across what Justin, the protagonist and the center of the book, has gone through. I never would have known how it feels to be given up by your very loved ones have I hadn't got a chance to read this book. It really makes you question, if what you're doing for your children is affecting them in a positive way or slowly somewhere snatching the freshness of innocence from them. The book is about healthy parenting, bonding between a woman and a child and how love can heal the scariest of the ... morewounds with time. Having said that, I believe this book might not the one of the extraordinary ones, but it certainly would add something to your conscious.
review 2: The story was very compelling about a horribly abused and neglected boy. I had trouble connecting with the author. I felt she was too sweet and perfect. As I read, I found myself wanting to holler, "Gimme a break!" because the reactions to some of the things this boy did were just a little too off the wall unbelievable to me. But that may be why I'm not a foster parent. I would recommend this book though, because my heart broke for this boy so much. less
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This book tells the story of a family caring for and loving a severely damaged foster child.
good read and a happy ending for a change in these sort of books
Loved it!! Can't wait to read her other books
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