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Why Nudge?: The Politics Of Libertarian Paternalism (2014)

by Cass R. Sunstein(Favorite Author)
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0300197861 (ISBN13: 9780300197860)
Yale University Press
review 1: Understanding the entire torpedo of controversy surrounding Sunstein and his libertarian paternalism advocacy, this is an informative defense and it does not even focus that much on his tenure in Washington. The academic interest is present - economics, psychology, and political behavior. The most interesting aspects to me are psychology and the overall synthesis of decision-making, but it is a multi-disciplinary work with multi-disciplinary appeal.
review 2: Graphic ads on cigarette packs, default savings plan, "Healthier Choice" labels, these are implementations of a type of paternalism our writer, Cass Sunstein, a legal scholar, defines as 'nudges', aiming to persuade individuals to favor certain choices over others. Running against Mill's famous Harm Princi
... moreple, Sunstein makes a case for 'nudges', even putting the oft-quoted principle into question. Sunstein shows deep understanding in this issue, recognising the inextricable nature of presentation's effect on choices, analysing different cognitive and visceral shortcomings neccessary for authorities to step in, and distinguishing different degrees of paternalism.Sunstein also shared issues on contension from opposing views championing two major points, namely welfare and autonomy, highlighting their underlying factors and addressing how 'nudges' may promote their causes under certain circumstances. The discussion is highly accessible without being too watered down.In all, a nuanced composition by a sharp mind. To those interested in public policy and governance, a topic not alien to Sunstein, this book, including his other writings, is highly recommended. less
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Libertarian Paternalism????? What a complete oxymoron...
Drier than a fresh Cabernet Sauvignon.
Nothing new under the sun...
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