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Four Dukes And A Devil (2009)

by Cathy Maxwell(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
0061787361 (ISBN13: 9780061787362)
review 1: 1. The Irish Duke - Cathy Maxwell (1 star)A lot of plot skipping make it unbelievable and shallow. It should have been a full length novel, and there would be more depth in the story.2. The Duke who Came to Dinner - Elaine Fox (2 star)Boring. Though not as bad as The Irish Duke. Story is unclear.3. Devil to Pay - Jeaniene Frost (4 star)Well, it was the best read of this book. I admit, I have soft spot for Ms. Frost's works but this novella certainly don't disappoint me.4. Catch of the Century - Sophia Nash (3.5 star)Pretty good. It makes me want to read the other series.5. Charmed by Her Smile - Tracy Anne Warren (3 star)Typical of historical romance story.
review 2: Typically, I'm a huge fan of anthologies. Yes you sometimes get an underdeveloped story becaus
... moree of page limitations, but sometimes you get just that perfect little romance fixation without reading a 300 page novel. I try to break up reading the stories so I do one a day or something. I expected underdeveloped stories from this one, since it has 5 authors and therefore must squeeze those stories down to 20% of the entire book. But I wasn't too disappointed with these stories.Cathy Maxwell - The Irish Duke - 4/5 one of my favorite romance authors. Her stories are always entertaining and romantic. This one was no exception. The premise was very cute and there was a lot of potential here. The ending did feel a bit too rushed though.Elaine Fox's story - The Duke Who Came to Dinner - 2/5 My least favorite story of the whole book. I did like some aspects of it and there was some humor. My favorite quote (after seeing the heroine riding a bike down the street in only her underwear) was "Lady Godiva...on a Schwinn." but the story never really developed and the connection between the characters was kind of forced. Jeaniene Frost - Devil to Pay - 3/5 I'm not familiar with the universe that this author writes in, so I started out a little lost, trying to figure out what the vampire rules were here. It was a good story, but I also had no idea who Bones and Cat were and whether or not the hero was truly better off in the end. I think if I'd understood a bit more I might have liked it better.Sophia Nash - 4/5 - A cute story. The heroine was very independent and very strong-willed, so the things that kept them apart were a bit irritating. I did love the snake bite thing plot - it was very amusing. I'll look for more stories by this author.Tracy Anne Warren - 4/5 - Another cute story in which the heroine enlists the hero's help to get rid of an unwanted suitor and in the process the two start to realize that their act is no longer an act. There's a bit of angst, but I think this wrapped up too quickly too. I'll also look for more by this author as well. less
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I actually didn't care for the Night Huntress world story which is the reason I picked it up.
It wasn't thrilling, but I actually really enjoyed it. :)
Jeaniene Frost's Devil to Pay - 4 stars
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