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Tutti I Viventi (2009)

by C.E. Morgan(Favorite Author)
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8806195301 (ISBN13: 9788806195304)
review 1: I need to marinate on this book a little more. It was very readable; the story moved along well. The characters were well-drawn and believable. The writing was far above average though a little too lofty sometimes. I just never totally cared what happened to the main characters, Aloma and Orrin. I simultaneously liked and hated how oppressive the land was, and how stifling the house. I was impressed with how Morgan put me into the space; I could almost feel the dust in my lungs and see the photos of the dead on the wall. But at the end of the book, I just found myself feeling relieved that it was over. I wasn't sure anything had changed in the situation or characters. I wasn't sure why I had to read this book. If asked directly about the book, I would say that it was wo... morerth the read, but I am not sure that it will continue to penetrate my thoughts enough for me to recommend it in a month or a year from now.
review 2: I think many people will find fault in what seems to be a simple “backwoods” book that takes a look at a young couple from Appalachia who find themselves in a more mature situation than they were expecting. Life moves forward much to fast because of the death of Orren’s family. He finds himself alone to run the family farm and Aloma, with not much of a future as far as she can see, goes with him to live on the farm. There are much deeper ideas underlying what is actually written in this book and Miss Morgan allows you the space to delve deeper into what you think you would do in each situation. Should Aloma stay? Should she have even gone in the first place? Why did she go? Before judging this relationship and deeming this book “bad” I began to think, how many actual marriages have begun just like Orren and Aloma’s relationship? I think a lot have and the struggles they have in the growth of their relationship are true and deep. Will they make it? Do they have what it takes to last for 30 years? Who knows but I think Miss Morgan did a wonderful job portraying the give and take and the major differences between women and men on a basic level and showed us how we can love when then ones we love are not perfect. How life is not perfect but we make choices that work for us. Miss Morgan uses a very descriptive way in which she writes. I realize some people do not enjoy this type of literature but I felt I was in the hills of KY or Virginia. I could feel and see the landscapes as she described them. It moves like a movie in my mind. This book is worth the time to read if you like reading about relationships, struggles, life lessons and the Appalachian areas. Lot’s to discuss for a book club. less
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My favorite book of Appalachian literature so far. Excellently written and heart breaking.
Exquisite command of language- chilling and gorgeous.
this book destroyed my will to live.
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