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Satan's Revenge (2014)

by Celia Loren(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
Hearts Collective Publishing
Satan’s Sons MC
review 1: And yet another awesome read from Celia Loren...the follow-up to Satan's Property which I really liked a lot.However, this books deals with Drifter's brother coming back into his life and turns out Violet had no knowledge he even existed. We are given alternating chapters from present day to the past, where we learn what life was like for the brothers growing up as teens in separate foster homes. It was not pretty and they both had a rough time, although Drifter's younger brother Marcus thinks he was worse off and harbors some resentment towards his brother (who was taken in and taken care of by The Satan's Sons as a teen).Blood is thicker than water though, and when Marcus comes to town (for reasons that are not yet apparent) all kinds of trouble is stirred up and Violet ... morefinds herself yet again a victim and in fear of losing the man she loves so desperately.I was really ticked off at Drifter's attitude and behavior in this book...I get that Marcus was his brother but having been out of his life for so long, and knowing the kid was headed down a bad path, should have given him a clue not to trust him right off the bat.It was a violent and exciting ride to get from the start to finish in this book though and of course, the sex scenes were hot and plentiful.Can be read as a standalone, but really enhances the story to read Satan's Property first, in my opinion.**** 4 **** " brotherly love isn't always what it seems" stars
review 2: I really liked the book, Marcus,the hero's long lost brother from a broken childhood they shared came to town & was trouble from the start. This was a great part of the plot that caused the h&h problems, but essentially brought them all the more closer together as a couple by the end of the book. I would recommend reading the previous book that tells the back story of how they met before reading this title in order to not feel you are missing some things in SR. I feel this title was another solid good read in this series in comparison to other titles I have already read by this author. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. less
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Great second book! Lot's of secrets, betrayal and drama. Lets not forget hot steamy sex!
Oh man this book made me mad. Good book but sooo mad.
lacked something for me.
First book was better.
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