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Subculture (2012)

by Charles Anthony Vilina(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
Charles Anthony Vilina
review 1: A book which is as riveting as it is thought provoking. My attention was demanded by this book into the dark hours of morning through a page-turning night. A murder mystery with a major dose of religious debate. I like the definitions Marsha, our quiet and pensive leading lady, gives on the rare occasions she does speak. In fact her silence even had me doubting her innocence, especially in the final chapters! The author continuously requires his audience to think about the intolerance which clouds many people's judgements. Odd or different, each person has a right to their own views of the world.
review 2: The author is an incredibly talented writer. I haven't read a book with such beautiful images in such a long time. His descriptions touch each of my sens
... morees -- a delightful reading experience. I was immediately intrigued with the book's main character and remained so until the very end. Mixing the characters' cultural differences with a good old fashioned murder mystery was masterful. I recommend this book. It's a quick read and very satisfying. less
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Kind of creepy, but very very well done. Great commentary on how people can respond to "outsiders"
ally grabbed me. This is a page turner with some really good twists and turns.
Too predictable. Or maybe I have been watching too many mystery series lately.
Absolutely beautiful!!
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