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Immortal Embrace (2011)

by Charlotte Blackwell(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 2
1937085473 (ISBN13: 9781937085476)
World Castle Publishing
review 1: I enjoyed this book but it was very anticlimactic. I feel like it was a whole lot of nothing but not exactly in a bad way. The love story was cute and I liked the characters. But nothing really happened in the story. Well the park scene was "something?" but that was about it. I guess the point was to leave the reader wanting the next book. But can you have a cliffhanger ending with no cliff??? Hmmm maybe......
review 2: I found this book to be annoying because the relationship is too unrealistic and the dialogue seemed forced and weired while reading I wondered who was writing this. A 15 year old love struck teen or a grown woman? I thought this would be a book about vampires not like twilight but the romance is the same the only reason I gave it 3 stars becau
... morese of the unrealistic romance but gave it a fair shot because there were actual vampires in it not glitter sticks that are sexist. less
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This is a very different vampire book than I usually read but it turned out to be good.
very nice easy read enjoyed it
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