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Book Of Clouds. Chloe Aridjis (2010)

by Chloe Aridjis(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 4
0099539594 (ISBN13: 9780099539599)
Vintage Books USA
review 1: A good book to read before going to Berlin, as I am, particularly if you think of Berlin as a city of ghosts. The narrator, a young Mexican Jewish woman adrift in Berlin, is pretty disconnected, so you don't meet a lot of Berliners. But you do meet lots of places, some in depth (in more ways than one). It's modestly affecting, with more than a touch of magical realism without the South American lushness.
review 2: Poetic and mysterious meanderings of a Mexican expat through 2007 Berlin, where she observes and interacts with people, places and phantoms drifting and changing like clouds - with some actions of their own will but often pushed and influenced by the currents, atmospheres and movements of other entities. A simple but quite magical metaphor for life
... more and the world around us, which both keep changing and changing us as we are adrift. Definitely recommend not only to expats in Berlin. less
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My teacher and I had different understandings of this book... but it wasn't horrible.
A strange, lovely, and hauntingly detached debut novel.
Love it
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