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The Adventures Of A South Pole Pig: A Novel Of Snow And Courage (2013)

by Chris Kurtz(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
0547634552 (ISBN13: 9780547634555)
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review 1: Like most people who like friendship and general loveliness, I adore Charlotte's Web; I have probably read it more times in my life than any other book. And I think author Chris Kurtz likes Charlotte's Web, too, cause this book should basically be called "Wilbur goes to Antarctica."I loved his spirit, and I can't get enough of travel and adventure, so I'm giving it 2 stars. Otherwise, it was just too similar and I couldn't get past that.
review 2: Talk about positive attitude! Flora is a pig who knows she's bound for a greater adventure than she can find with her mother and dull siblings stuck in a pigpen. So, when a gang of men come into the barnyard to catch a pig to take on a expedition, Flora ignores her mother's urging to run from them, and allows hers
... moreelf to be caught and placed on a voyage to the South Pole. As in all good animal stories, Flora is an engaging heroine in some big unanticipated trouble (she believes she's going to help pull the sled, while all the other animals know why a pig would really be on a ship full of hungry men). When she helps several other animals, they begin to find ways to help her, and when the ship sinks, guess who helps to save the day? Flora is a charming character with oodles of "can do" thinking--in fact, if more people thought like Flora, the world would be better for it. A great story for kids in grades 2 or 3 and up. less
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Cute reimagining of the Charlotte's Web tale. Not my favorite SSYRA, but a sweet story.
Warm story about being more than who you are.
This is a tale of perseverance and courage.
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