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American Gun: A History Of The U.S. In Ten Firearms (2013)

by Chris Kyle(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 2
0062242717 (ISBN13: 9780062242716)
William Morrow
review 1: I'm am for gun control as I see the weapons on our streets have no business being there if anywhere. I appreciated learning the why's and what issues were being answered by every generation of weapons development that I realized were real concerns requiring real answer. I just wish more money was spent researching ways other than weapons and violence for promoting all to live in peace. If centuries of fighting haven't brought peace it seems that continuing doing the same things and expecting different results is on the fruitless side. I doubt continuing using more destructive weapons will change the paradigm. How can we de-escalate and try a different tack? I'd like to read a book on the history of how non-violent wars and engagements became our norm and a book deta... moreiling the 10 best tactics that evolved bringing non-violent engagement bring real and lasting peace. What a real holiday gift that would be.
review 2: Kyle didn't really teach me anything about guns that I didn't know. That said, I thought at first that it would be a good book to recommend to people who hadn't much experience with firearms. I'd almost say that it is…but Kyle at times slips into military jargon that would confuse a novice who hadn't served in the Navy or Marines. I did, so I understood what he was talking about when he'd write terms like "head shed".Had he (or his wife, for this was published after his death with her oversight) cleaned up that and the very rare profanity that occasionally makes an appearance, I'd say it would have been a great book for a middle school/high school kid wanting to learn more about firearms. As it is, an adult new to the topic might get something out of it.Kyle did manage to spice up this book with some historical and autobiographical vignettes that I'd hadn't heard and that I found interesting. His observations of the problems in the procurement of ordnance throughout American history were spot on.So, don't take the relatively low rating as an indictment of the book. It wasn't for me, but others might thoroughly enjoy it. I'm not at all unhappy I read it, and didn't think it a waste of time. It motivated me to want to read his autobiography. less
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I really liked this book. It was one of the most enjoyable history books I've read in a while.
A history book for people who don't really like history books but loooooooove guns...
The narrative gets a bit muddled in a few places, but overall a great book
interesting but dry...
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