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Sky Hunter (2000)

by Chris Reher(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
The Targon Tales
review 1: I found the story a bit too foreseeable, and a bit too much cliché.. The book left me with the feeling that it's content would have been great in a shorter format, or maybe as flashbacks of the character the main character of this story could be one day. And while I just can't get myself to rate this book above 2, I have to honestly add that I will look at the next book of the series at one point, and if only to see if the author manages to build upon the character or if this is all he could make of it.
review 2: Some good brain candy to read. This book was entertaining and somewhat believable. I liked the fact that the main character, while being a woman, was portrayed tough but within the realms of reality. She was fragile, yet stood her ground and displa
... moreyed great courage. Finally, a true woman warrior. The military harshness of combat wary soldiers under poor discipline and their tendencies for brutality was right on the money. less
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A very good story and interesting tech in the future. Looking forward to read the second book!
Pretty good without many dull parts, but I doubt I'll read the rest of the series.
This reminds me of "Darwin Elevator", except not as well done.
Doesn't need my review. Good book.
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