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Wickedpedia (2014)

by Chris Van Etten(Favorite Author)
2.89 of 5 Votes: 5
054541587X (ISBN13: 9780545415873)
Scholastic Inc.
review 1: The book was rather predictable and boring. The summary on the back of the book is completely off. I honestly had to make sure I was reading the same book. That disappointed me because I bought this book on a whim because it intrigued me. The main character is rather dull (although he has his funny lines)and probably could have solved the murders half way through the book. (Just saying...) There was also a very annoying typo in chapter 14 (page 92 in my copy)where the author accidentally wrote the wrong character name and momentarily drove me insane.
review 2: I found Wikedpedia to be both predictable and thrilling. While I don't believe it lived up to the 'Point Horror' genre title, it did have an interesting horror aspect to it. I loved the use of wikipedia t
... morehroughout the story. The entries were entertaining even when they were depicting how someone will die. All in all, I did throughly enjoy this book and would recommend it to others to check out. I feel this is one story you have to check out for yourself. less
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Enjoyable mystery. A little gruesome at times.
This book was pretty good.Little thin on plot
Bonus star for the Sarah Lawrence reference.
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